Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A Summary: Things I Learned in India

  • Men, particularly in the South, wear sheets as skirts and call it a lungi. 
  • It is possible to carry anything, anything, on the back of a motorcycle-no excuses!! 
  • There is always room for one more (on a train, in a rickshaw, on a motorcycle, in a house, in a room, in a backpack-anywhere).
  • The maximum occupancy of a motorcycle is six.
  • Cows are treated better than most of the homeless 
  • Road rage doesn't exist in India, using the horn all the time alleviates the need to get angry with other drivers.
  • It is illegal to build buildings with wood; this is why everything is made of concrete, metal, and/or plastic tarp. 
  • Indians love to dance and do so unapologetically, unabashedly and enthusiastically.
  • Weddings are an integral part of society and socializing, carrying on raging celebrations for days on end.
  • "Hurry up and wait" is the motto of the country. You hurry to get a taxi to get to the train station and the train is two hours late. 
  • There is no need for toilet paper, cutlery, tables and chairs, or sofas. Everything can be done with your hands and on the floor (including chopping vegetables for dinner.)
  • The concept of a queue line is nonexistent. Regardless of who got there first, the person who gets their paper on the counter is seen next. 
  • Masala (which translated means "spice") is the staple of Indian flavors: masala chips, masala tea, masala curry, masala Pepsi. 
  • You can travel a whole country in flip-flops. 
  • Indians don't believe in safety gear. We watched a man weld two metal bars together while holding the rods with his bare feet. 
  • There are only driving "suggestions" and not driving "laws" unless the police want to make money that day. 
  • Indians are incredibly hospitable and giving; they will give up their seat or bed for you and sleep on the floor. 
  • Indians are proud: they enjoy teaching foreigners about their country and which places to visit. 
  • Indians love their food and will stuff you full of it. 
  • It's okay for them to overcharge you but not okay for you to under bargain them. 
  • Patience is not a virtue of the country.
  • Traveling through India prepares you for any major city, all traveling situations, and toughens you up. 
  • Stress is synonymous with India. 
  • Trash is synonymous with India. 
  • It is possible to simultaneously hate and love a place at the same time. 
  • Expect to be put on an emotional roller coaster during your travels in India. 
  • Nobody knows how to use the railway system. Especially Indians.
  • No one will admit when they don't know directions to the ashram/guest house/river bank/botanical garden you're looking for and will point you in the wrong direction in order to save face.
  • Mosquitos love white people.
  • If you have an emotional breakdown, it'll probably be in the middle of a crazy crowded loud street at rush hour and cry openly on the side of the road.
  • It is a huge honor to host foreigners in India and your host family made parade you around their neighborhood like a prized monkey.
  • You may be expected to sing for a group of neighbors as said prized monkey.
  • If you are passing by a wedding, expect to get pulled into the middle to dance as the guest of honor.
  • Henna is mandatory to complete your Indian adventure. 

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