Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Road Less Traveled

"All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident." - Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

There is nothing harder in this world than following your dreams. Dreams can be easily confused with fantasies, especially when looking from the outside in. We receive opposition from all sides just by mentioning a dream. It's hardest when these limitations begin with our family and friends. Not because our family and friends don't believe in us. It's usually the other way around. They see your dream, see how big it is, then immediately think: "Well I can't do that, so I'm positive they can't either." In this process your dream becomes their fantasy and the opposition begins.
It's a difficult task to follow your intuition when the people's opinions you cherish most are in direct conflict with your desires. This is the first step to success, the first obstacle... Fear in the unknown without the support of those you thought would give it the most. Then begins the true test in life of breaking past the insecurity and self doubt which overloads you with anxiety and worry. It only takes one tool to get you on the path, a tool often ignored, although so simple and powerful. With passion as your vehicle this path seems shorter and easier.
I have always defined art as taking the things that you suppress internally and expressing them externally. Some people use singing, dancing; making movies, plays, music, or writing as their art form. This comes from passion, and by using love in your art there are no limits. It will take you to the far ends of the universe and all your dreams will come true, but it's still a long road to travel.
The second obstacle comes once you've begun your path. The road goes from paved to dirt, from dirt to rocky, and eventually just fades until it all becomes one. No longer knowing what is what and which way is the right way to go, we begin to question whether or not our decision was the right decision, and whether we should maybe turn around. You walk just a little further, hoping that the road reappears under your feet. You walk and you stop, hesitating, looking forward, then looking back. That's when you sit down, and the darkness overcomes you: That darkest moment when we feel as if all is lost, and decide we want to give up.
Then a lingering light creeps in, dissolving all darkness. A truth enters the mind's eye changing everything faster than the fear ever did. You realize that the road you were on had to be made by someone. You were always on the road someone else already paved.
But before that road there was nothing, so why can't you do the same? Why can't you just make your own road? So you begin to run, feeling the air brush past your face and you feel alive. You breathe the deepest breath you've ever taken and your smile gets bigger and bigger as you fill your lungs. You stumble over a rock, but you don't care for the exhilaration far outweighs your tiny mistake. It makes you feel stronger and braver so you run faster and faster. As you run, people see you and they start to follow. They don't know why they are running behind you...they just are. The happiness on your face can't be mistaken and they want what you have. So they run and they run trying to keep up, to do what you are doing and feel what you're feeling.
Now you feel like you can take a rest and you begin to slow down. You turn around to see how far you've gone and you can't believe your eyes. Behind you are hundreds of people, and that's when it happens. That's when you see those same people that were opposing you in that group that is following you, on a path that you created from nothing. On a path that wasn't there before. A lot closer to your dreams, with them now a little closer to theirs. Until they too, begin to make their own paths and no longer follow yours.

Through this journey has been so many highs and just as many lows with opposition surrounding you all around and inside as well. Yet, you pushed through and things that were once your dreams are now your memories. You have accomplished so many of your dreams that you've had to completely make new ones. It's important every once and a while to rest, and look back at what you've done. So Nicole, congratulations on doing everything you said you ever wanted to do. Now let's make a new list, so we can do more. 


  1. Written as a guest writer by Matthew, unbeknownst to be me!

    1. Love I read it I felt myself going through the trip I took last summer to Puerto Rico I swear he was there with me as I was reading those words goes to show that we all experience exactly what everyone else us to a certain extent anyway congrats and I thought it was Nicole wrote it the words resonate it so well