Saturday, February 22, 2014

I Can't Quit My Wanderlustin' Ways

Hello all my fabulous readers!! Wanderlust and Pixie Dust is now on google! For those of you who were following my blogs on Matador Network, thank you for your continued support. For those of you new to my blog-welcome!! I decided to move to google to make my blog more easily accessible and I wanted to expand my topics from traveling to all kinds of craziness that is in my mind.

Here is my first blog that I posted on Matador Network before I left the states, over four months ago. Its a little introduction into my world of creativity and chaos, I hope you enjoy the trip!

Enter the world of Wanderlust and Pixie Dust...

Two weeks until departure and my life is in chaos: work, passports, visas, Disneyland, raves, hair appointments, LASIK appointments, teeth cleaning, shot vaccinations, selling my life on craigslist, sleeping on the floor because I sold my furniture, friends, family, costumes, beach time, spa days, the list goes on and on. How I manage to keep my head on straight is beyond me. For those of you who don’t know me, I am Nicole and this is my blog: welcome to my world of chaos, love, unity, many attempts at witty banner and occasional awkwardness. My life is creative and exciting, ever-changing as my moods and affect seemingly change with the season. My spirit is from a different lifetime: ancient, mystic, full of wonder and has kept me searching for answers to my many curious life questions. I identify with free spirits-gypsies, hippies, old souls in young bodies-and I love to dance, read and just be my weird self, cackling at my own jokes (when you imagine me laughing, picture me as a Muppet with the top of my head falling back and a loud, obnoxious, belly laugh emerging from the depths of my core). While this is a travel site, I plan on rambling on about things such as yoga, meditation, my fear of contracting TD (traveler's diahhrea) and being unable to safely make it to a restroom while on the road, dance battles with strangers and my overall musings on life in general. I plan to write with candor, humor, and love. I hope you enjoy this crazy narrative that I call my life.

Some background info: I grew up in a small town, went to college in San Diego, graduated with a wonderfully useless (in the world of adult jobs) Psychology degree, entered into the field of social work and was almost immediately laid off after a brief eight months of work. I interpreted this sudden displacement as the Universe telling me that I was not on the right path and ultimately not living authentically. It has been difficult throughout the years to ward off my wanderlusting ways, satiating my appetite for world travel with small trips here and there but ultimately the gypsy in me has won the battle: three months after entering a new field of work, working for Deepak Chopra (the media likes to refer to him as a “New Age” guru, even though his teachings are based on 3,000 year old Vedic texts) at his wellness center in Carlsbad, I gave my notice and decided to travel the world. What would you do if you had the opportunity to make your wildest dream a reality? What if you stopped making excuses and just said “Today is the day! I’m going to make it happen!” Steve Jobs once said, “You are told growing up that life is a certain way and your job is to stay inside those lines, try not to bump into the walls too much, have a family, make a little money and that’s the way life is.” When you finally lift limitations off your world, like taking the planet and ripping off the top half, it can be absolutely blinding at first-raw exposure of the sun on your delicate skin. After the initial wave of heat passes, what’s left is astounding: heaven on Earth, being able to pick and choose exactly how you want your life to operate, who you want in this life with you, the state of health your body possesses, what climate you wish to live in. I challenge you to challenge the norm, challenge what you’ve been told that makes you a “contributing citizen” and create your own path-for you, for your spirit and for your total fulfillment.


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